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  • Bretta Durham

Choosing Today...Life and Relationships

The grass may look greener somewhere else but looks can be deceiving. Gaining perspective about how we are viewing our moments in life and valuing our relationships with others, may show us “the green acres of life” we have been missing.

Reflection can be good, as it can show us what we did not or could not “see or realize” previously. Dwelling on the past, on the other hand, can sometimes prevent us from being able to be present and engaged in our life and in our relationships.

We can busy ourselves and our life by planning for the future. Worrying about tomorrow however, has never been shown to add another minute or any value to our lives. In fact, worrying about the “next thing” or the “next problem” in life can rob us of special moments with people and times of contentment when life is actually good. Planning ahead by setting priorities may allow us to enjoy “moments in life” better.

Our focus, our priorities, remain to be the most important choices we will continue to make throughout our lifetime. Priorities can motivate us and provide us with a sense of fulfillment, but can also consume much of our time. Keeping our relationships a priority and intentionally choosing how and with whom we spend our time may help us to be or feel more content within our relationships and in life itself.

Living in the present means focusing on the important moments of today. Evaluating how often we take time to stop and smell the roses (be in the present and enjoy life), helps us to clarify our convictions.

A conviction is a fixed belief. Our convictions are shaped by the choices we continue to make and the actions we take to live our life to the fullest. If we are positive about our convictions, our walk and talk should mimic those beliefs.

A conviction that “today is the important” continues to impact us personally in how we live, act, and think. A conviction that “our relationships with others strengthens us” helps us to further develop a mindset that our investments in each other matter too.

Choosing our relationships daily, by looking for the good in the people we share life with, continues to remind us of the value of relationships.

We can choose this day whom we will serve, how we will live, and the ways in which we will show love. Choosing today to be present, committed, involved, joyful, thankful, and content, continues to help change views about life and relationships. Life is a gift and good relationships are treasures.

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