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  • Bretta Durham

Enough...Striving Toward Best

On a day we think we aren’t enough…we are.

When we think we can’t…we, more times than not, come to realize we just needed to find a new way to make something possible.

Discouragement reminds us sometimes we fail. Most discouragement comes from ideas of being the “perfect”….whatever.

Perfect isn’t always required. Seeking perfection in all things leads to further discouragement. No one can be perfect all the time.

A steadfastness and understanding that all we do throughout our life is even more important than moments of perfection or even imperfection. We can do our best, not just hoping, understanding that our best on any given day impacts our life and those around us.

Learning how to be a better, or how to do something better, has a learning curve. Life lessons continue to teach us. Friendships and really all our relationships continue to help mold us.

Friends encourage and challenge us in the moment and overtime. Long-term relationships (friends/family) matter even more as their influence and our influence is far reaching.

Each interaction we have with one another continues to embed memories. Our influence further continues through the choices and decisions we make to pour into the lives of those (and even things) we care about.

Doing good and sharing with others happens in many ways and on different levels. We can be enough for our friends and family because we do our best.

We can also make choosing to do good and to share with others a lifetime priority…it truly is how we strive to do things to the best of our ability and in the process continue to show our love sincerely over our lifetime.

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