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  • Bretta Durham

Every One

Spring is often a sign of new beginnings. A time of growth and refreshment. In our own lives we can continue to grow personally as we better understand that:

Each day is a gift.

Each person matters.

Each decision impacts tomorrow.

We can live one day at a time making the most of all opportunities or we can settle for a life that is mediocre at best. Tomorrow isn’t promised but today is an opportunity we can choose to grab on to.

How we treat people shows our love in word and action. To love best we have to continually learn (it may take a lifetime), we can’t just do things and make decisions based on how we feel about someone or something in the moment. Feelings change. We love better as we further commit to let our actions lead (love first) and our feelings follow. Loving others to the best of our capabilities changes us (sometimes the other person too) one experience at a time and over a lifetime.

Our moment-by-moment decisions do impact our lives, relationships, and even a future yet unseen. Living in the moment can, be a good thing as it, sometimes keeps the past from imprisoning us and the fear of the future from paralyzing us. Tomorrow is a new day and with each day comes new opportunities.

Looking for the good in all things helps us to find hope even during difficult times in life. When we continue to look for and see the value (good) in people, relationships, and life experiences we gain new perspective. As we further understand (experience first-hand) how looking for good impacts us and others we may also more readily be able to comprehend, better, that what we think, say, and do truly does matter.

Every one thing we say and do may also touch someone else on a level we may never fully understand. As we choose to attempt to “touch the heart to teach the mind” we also further demonstrate our understanding of the saying, “No one truly cares how much me know, until they know how much we care.”

Real Life Relationships matter....connecting on personal levels helps provide better support for everyone.

The course books and book offered through the web site can help us to learn how to communicate better and connect more personally. Visit our website today.

http://www.RealLifeRelationships.orgon this site you will find more information about the book Love Forever and the self-guided course books Loving Others, Loving Yourself, and Reconciling Through Love


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