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  • Bretta Durham

Free To Have Peace

This is a picture of a Arboretum that was actually bought and planted (designed) after the Spanish Flu as a place of refuge. After, experiencing trying times, in life, seeking places that bring us a sense of peace become even more important.

In relationships, we may find peace as we work through difficult times and even times of turmoil when things in our life truly are just not right.

What others do, how others react, and even what is going on in the world around us shouldn’t unhinge personal inner peace long term.

Surrendering the need to live life based on only our abilities and personal terms can also sometimes bring us more peace. Give and take in relationships is a balance needed to bring about more feelings of peace as well as a sense of understanding.

“Let not your heart be troubled” is a phrase used to encourage. Though the concept is something that we can strive toward, finding peace often is a process.

As we more clearly learn how to find peace from within we can begin to look at the world and even our own lives in a different light.

True peace is a quiet heart not just a calm exterior.

Our hearts and minds are under assault throughout life in the form of stress. Finding inner calmness through quiet assurance is sometimes difficult but can also be a part of learning and understanding better what it means to have peace.

Quiet tension is not peace.

Compressed anxiety robs us of peace. Suffering with anxiety alone is unnecessary. We can support one another better as we share life together.

Peace and grace go hand and hand. We have peace after experiencing grace. Grace (in verb form) is given not based on merit but more readily out of goodwill. We and life will never be perfect.

Realizing that we can overcome anxiety and stresses of life while also understanding we can receive grace as necessary, helps us find to peace more abundantly.

Also believing that peace is something we can personally experience helps us to further seek out what we (personally) internally need to find peace.

There is a difference between being at peace and deciding something is good or not good individually and even relationally. We will make many decisions that keep impacting our lives personally. Reconciling relationships, life, and even our own personal beliefs takes time.

For some of us believing (knowing) there is a God and desiring a relationship is part of a journey of seeking eternal peace. This decision is a choice that some of us freely make and truly believe.

A faith relationship shared with our creator and with other believers can:

  • Speak peace to our hearts in the midst of our sorrows.

  • Give us strength in times of weakness.

  • Help us develop courage to overcome our fears as we never have to face the world alone again.

Finding peace on this level, also continually helps us to learn how to better accept the things we can not change, and can also gives us courage to change the things we can.

Each one of us comes to a place of peace in our own way. It cannot be forced, we are all different.

Accepting that we are different but also realizing we need each other may be our greatest strength in individually and collectively finding peace time and again.

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