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  • Bretta Durham

Happiness, Joy, Love

Happiness can be felt in an instant. It can also be a feeling that last beyond a moment.

Our feelings continue to change with circumstances and in time.

We can become unhappy or experience feelings of unhappiness for long periods of time.

Finding, understanding, and knowing what makes us feel happy and unhappy can help balance our feelings. Long term, sustained happiness is sometimes described as joy.

Joy although a feeling in and of itself is not as likely to based on only fluctuating feelings and is less likely to be influenced by momentary changing circumstances.

In other words, a feeling of joy runs deep within us. Finding joy comes with an understanding that we can be happy when circumstances and even relationships are not “ideal”.

Another way we find joy is through love. As words, actions, and attitudes that show love make things (with people and situations) right.

Love is many things. Love is a feeling. Love is also an action. Love can be simple but is also very complex. We all have at least some understanding that actions of love are good. Some might even describe actions of love as being fruit bearing.

Fruit bearing means that a plant or tree produces whatever it was created to bear. Fruit bearing people touch others through giving or sharing.

A person bearing fruit is a phrase used to describe someone’s actions of the heart (actions of love) that benefit others. Each choice we make affects the happiness, joy, and love we feel ourselves and share with others.

How we choose to bear fruit is part of the choices we continue to make in our relationships and throughout life. We can make the most of every opportunity we are given. We can love others better, share in one another’s happiness, and find joy together not just in a moment but over a lifetime.

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