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  • Bretta Durham

Having Compassion, Looking Beyond, Loving More

Compassion is shown in our personal relationships through unconditional acts of grace through love. Change continues as each one of us are willing to forgive and forget (move forward).

Having compassion starts with intentionally looking beyond only self and seeing the needs of (loving) others. Loving one another is the hardest task we will attempt for a lifetime. Why? We are different and each of us makes mistakes. We also have opportunities to love one another in small and large ways literally every day.

Acts of compassion provide each of us the opportunity to speak and act in love. Living our life caring and serving, “acts of compassion”, helps establish our credibility to be who we say we are (our character).

Looking beyond mistakes is possible. Have you ever noticed that waiting for someone else to take the first step after a disagreement often leaves us feeling disconnected and lonely. We can take the first step to reconciliation.

All relationships have difficult times because no one agrees with anyone 100% percent of the time. I’m sorry, said in a moment, is a opening toward a future of proof that change is possible.

How we determine to move forward, communicate better, and intentionally decide to treat one another is what makes the most impact over time.

Loving more requires a commitment. Where our heart shown by what we treasure. For a lifetime, we have opportunities to, and we can intentionally attempt to, love others to the best of our abilities.

Sadly day to day life can get in the way of us doing the things we know we are supposed to do. Instead of engaging intentionally with others (using our talents and following our passions) we sometimes settle into everyday life.

Each one of us on some level has a passion for or to... (this is different for every one). Although we may have the ability or means to help one another; we still have to choose to engage with others in order to contribute what we can.

The much used phrase, “All you need is love”, is just four short words. These words help us to start over, maintain relationships intentionally, and give direction to how we can keep moving forward, together.

How we show compassion, look beyond ourselves, and love more impacts; one person, one family, one community, and possibly even a future generation.

To learn more about relationship education visit our website There you will find resources available including self-guided course books and the book Love Forever.


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