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  • Bretta Durham

Holding on to Good...People and Things in Life

Life can be difficult; it can be hard to just move forward while looking for the “good” in our relationships and in life. Sometimes we have to “choose to forget”. Choosing not to relive or repeat negative events or mistakes, made in relationships and in life, is something we can work toward over time.

Discouragement is a natural feeling we experience as things “don’t go as planned”. Disappointments left unresolved or not dealt with can develop into emotional roadblocks. A feeling that we cannot move forward because of...(we can all fill in the blank at one time or another).

Also, getting “marooned” in memories can leave us feeling stranded. Unresolved (or unacknowledged) emotions can also further separate us from our relationships and in life itself.. Growing as a person even through adversity, letting go of a past that can’t be changed, and reconciling our relationships as necessary is part of dealing with life.

A setback in a relationship or in life can sometimes lead us toward a better future not yet imagined or even realized. Replacing negative events with new positive encounters and giving people another chance to “do better” are just some of the ways we can continue to create new memories.

Forgetting “successes” can also be a motivator to never stop trying. By not settling into a mindset that we have “reached” success we leave the opportunity for further personal growth and accomplishments. Good can be good enough but our best is still another level in life we can always strive toward.

Four things we can focus on as we keep moving forward even when things don’t exactly look great.

  • Purpose-what is the next thing for me individually?

  • Prospective-what are things I can control and what is out of my control?

  • Plan-what steps can I take to reconcile my relationships and grow personally?

  • Prize-what are my ultimate goals as I continue to run the race of life?

We can all run to win in the race if life, not looking back but rather keeping our eyes on a prize not yet fully realized. We can continue to hold on to the good...people and things in life that mean sometime to us and can impact our lives in a good way, long term.

From time to time we all need help as we keep moving toward a new and different future. Our self-guided course books are designed to allow individuals and couples to keep moving toward a "right place" in life determined over time. Loving Yourself, Loving Others, and Reconciling Through Love are available for purchase. As well as the book Love Forever.

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