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  • Bretta Durham

Looking Inside...Self-Reflections

First things first, is a statement that implies priorities have been established.

Do you know who you are? Do you know what you want? Do you know who and what is important to you?

At different points and times we all follow someone or something. In today’s world following trends is easy as social media outlets help to promote (sometimes bombard us with) the next thing.

Taking time to make the best informed decision for ourselves requires us to evaluate all areas of our lives including relationships. We will also sometimes need to follow a road less traveled, instead of following the perceived new latest and greatest, as what is best for someone else isn’t necessarily great for us.

Also, if things (jobs, hobbies, money, travel etc.) become more important to us than people and relationships inner personal struggles can develop. Why? Investing in things that cannot and do not care about us on a personal level can leave us feeling lonely. Also prioritizing “things” over relationships does not help us build and maintain intimate/personal support.

We cannot fail to get to a "perceived important", relationships and priorities, and still feel as if we are and have lived a fulfilled life.

Self-reflection is good when it reminds us of people and things that we have decided are important to us..

Knowing what we need in and from relationships, remembering and following our passions (using our abilities), and pursuing our first things first priorities are just a few areas of our lives that help to keep us grounded not only in our relationships but in life itself?

We sometimes feel guilty for taking time for ourselves to evaluate life and relationships. When in actuality getting back to the basics of who we are, knowing what we want, and deciding what is important, is exactly what helps us to connect and reconnect in society and to our relationships better.

Times of refreshing, (taking time for ourselves) can renew our mind, and feed our soul. The light at the end of any tunnel sometimes starts with finding a pathway that we can personally take one step at a time.

Happiness in life can be experienced in a moment, personal joy is a life long journey.

Getting back to the perceived important things in our lives sometimes requires us to find help. The help we need may come in the form of seeking assistance from others (personal and/or professional). Other times we may just need to evaluate life by ourselves, shutting out all of our distractions as we can over time.

Real Life Relationships offers self-guided courses that can be completed individually or can also be used as a way to work through relationships and life with the help of others (peer or professional).

Visit to learn more about the self-guided course Loving Yourself. Through the website you can also find other resources and help offered by Bretta Durham.


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