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  • Bretta Durham

Lost Without Love

The love of a …(friend, spouse, sibling, family, etc.) means something to us.

Love balances.

When we are loved by others we feel supported in small and significant ways. Love is foundational in relationships, it is something we can develop long-term.

Love is steadfast.

United we stand. Standing in the “love of one another” helps us to reconcile differences that matter to us personally. Differences can sometimes separate.

Love embraces.

Long-term established feelings and shared memories remind us of shared loved. Time and distance may separate but love remains.

Love lingers.

The feeling of love helps facilitate a sense of belonging. Not just on a romantic level. Love helps secure a feeling/sense of “us”.

Love stands firm.

Love is true….Love also restores, refreshes, renews, refocuses, and remains. Love runs deep and touches the soul.

We represent love to others.

Through our words and by our actions, we give and receive love. Love is reciprocal in nature.

We also crave love and in so many ways are lost when we can’t feel the love of each other.

Love always hopes…trusts….perseveres… never fails.

If you would like to read more about the topic of relational love visit our website. here you can also learn more about relationship education. You can also purchase the book Love Forever and the course books Loving Yourself, Loving Others, and Reconciling Through Love


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