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Love Moves First

A nation divided can’t stand strong any more than each of our individual relationships can when our differences become more important than our love of one another and our ability to respect each other.

Divided people and nations struggle with mistrust and doubt. As mistrust further abounds doubt abounds more. It’s a vicious cycle that can destroy relationships and even nations from the inside out.

There will always be differences of opinions. How we treat one another, respect differences, and love each other impacts our relationships with each other.

What turns things around is when all parties involved decide it is time for change. In order for change to take hold and reconciliation to become a real possibility all parties have to decide “we” collectively; can’t go on like this, live in the past including (holding onto past mistakes), and we definitely can’t show love and live at peace (accept one another) if we continue to act in this way.

All of those intentional choices help set the stage for change. The choice that we can’t show love and live at peace when we continue to act like this is the most powerful.

Love in and of its self is powerful because actions we take and show in love change us and our relationships from the inside out. Love shown in word and action allows us to rebuild trust, restore hope, and persevere even in the midst of the most trying times. As individuals we can decide to make the move to show love first.

We can ask ourselves hard questions that point us in new directions of showing love toward others. These types of personal evaluations challenge us to go beyond normal limits and personal needs.

We personally can’t change or fix anyone else, we can choose to live a life that speaks love through our words and actions not just for a day but for a lifetime.

Love is patient and kind. Love does not boast, is not proud or rude. Love is not self-seeking, nor is it easily angered. Love keeps no records of wrong. Love does not rejoice in evil but rather rejoices in truth. Love protects, trusts, and perseveres.

How this plays out and is shown through each of our lives will be different. Love impacts, not just in a moment but some would say eternally because it reach sometimes lasts beyond a life that is well lived.

Love brings us back to the realization that people are what truly matter. There may truly be no greater thing than a life well loved.

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