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  • Bretta Durham

One More Opportunity

Being a gardener can often entail seeing the idea of opportunity in real time. Preparing, planting, nurturing, pruning and maintaining is a continual process. Giving plants an opportunity to grow, improve, come back, even develop becomes a priority at least to a Gardner.

Each season of planting can be seen as the beginning of many new opportunities. Each season of life can also show us the value of opportunities.

As we continue to travel the “road of life” we should be able to learn more and understand better the opportunity that “one more time” affords each one of us.

“Life” easily gets in the way of things we say are a priority. We may always be busy. Being busy in ways that just robs time doesn’t get us to where we want to be in our relationships and in the future we once planned.

In the midst of everyday life there are also so many times when we may desire to change something instantly (what we said or did), or even would like to be given another simple opportunity to do better.

Life really is too short and goes by way to fast. Deciding and prioritizing what is important is one more opportunity we may neglect. Losing an opportunity is also something we remember, maybe even regret, in small and in significant ways.

Realizing we can’t change the past shows us the real meaning of longing for just one more chance.

Even loosing someone gives us a clearer understanding long-term what it means to wish for one more time.

We can and do make mistakes. What we do about that realization creates opportunities or further hinders our ability to be given one more opportunity.

How many relationships do we truly have to miss, walk away from, or loose, before we realize the importance of forgiveness?

How many mistakes do we have to make before we also realize grace isn’t just needed in relationships it is necessary?

The amount of time we waste, wishing without acting/attempting to improve relationships and further succeed in life, is fruitless.

We can value more, care better, and love deeper. Not only for the good of one another but also because we realize it is best for each one of us.

As long as there is breath in us we have one more opportunity to….(we each have areas of life we can fill in that blank)

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