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  • Bretta Durham

Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men

Christmas may truly be that time of the year when we actually do focus on “for the good of others”.

In reality, all of our relationships could be better if we followed the idea of doing good for the best of most. rather than just focusing on what is best for us individually.

We can say we want those whom we love to be happy but if our words aren’t followed by actions that protect a relationship it’s not truly possible.

Words and actions that protect definitely fall into the category of striving toward peace on earth, good will toward men. We can’t live at peace if our words and actions are divisive. Our will to do good things for others doesn’t actually happen if we are focused on serving and preservation of self.

Christmas is collectively about all of us. During the Christmas Season we tend to gather for shared meals and some, if not many, exchange gifts.

Christmas at its truest meaning is about a personal gift that leads to a sacrifice. Christmas is the story of a baby who brought to all of us the gift of grace through sacrifice.

Grace embodies an ability to bring peace on earth and is the ultimate action we can take to do goodwill toward others. Grace is by nature something freely given, not necessarily deserved.

Christ’s birth, life, and death was ultimately the gift that brings us grace through love. If only we could also extend a small amount of grace and love in all of our relationships how much better could someone really know how much we truly care about them?

Grace extended to others tells someone else that they don’t have to be perfect and that we readily understand that mistakes will be made and forgiveness will be offered.

Accepting grace and forgiveness to live free to love is a lifelong process. It is something we hopefully learn to give and receive better as we understand the importance of people and relationships. Giving grace is an act of goodwill that brings peace to others.

We can be living examples of the grace and love that Jesus Christ’s life brought to others as we celebrate his gift to us. Not just for a month at the end of the year but throughout life.

We can love better, serve more, and care best as we seek to bring more peace into the world. Not because we have to but because we understand the greatest gift of love, available to all of us-through a relationship with Christ.

Love conquers all and when we apply concepts of authentic love through our words and by our actions we spread peace on earth as we work toward wanting goodwill toward all men.

As we see Christmas lights during this season may we remember a time when a baby’s birth changed everything. The stars we see daily can continue to remind us to stay focused on spreading peace on earth by doing goodwill toward men through love, not just in this season but throughout our lifetime.

Merry Christmas


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