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  • Bretta Durham

Relationships...Investments of Love

Lots of people come in and out of our lives over a lifetime. Some people will influence us greatly while others will not really impact us at least on a personal level. We as individuals, friends, and family units can influence the lives of people we choose to invest in.

Some relationships are easy, while others may be challenging. With each relationship we can grow and adapt to better meet one another’s needs not because we have to but because we want to.

When we learn to love others right where they are at in life rather than where we perceive they should be; we further learn (better) how to love unconditionally.

We also don’t always have to agree with someone in order to have love for them. Love is patient. Love is also kind. Sometimes we love each other best as we patiently wait and show kindness even in the midst of adversity.

Our words and actions have the ability to touch someone else’s life. When we feel we are failing to communicate love, we can intentionally choose to encourage through words that speak truth and are a representation of authentic love.

Love reconciles. Love also gives us the ability to believe all things, and hope all things, as love endures.

Service and sacrifice on our part continue to demonstrate our love of one another. Family and friends are worth our acts of service, as they are our best and most important investments. Sacrifice is sometimes easy and at other times costs us more than we ever imagined. The cost of each (service and sacrifice) is further written off (forgotten) as we see the impact we continue to make on the lives of the people we love.

Separation from loved ones (friends and family) reminds us just how much we long for and miss others (times of remembering). Missed opportunities and lost moments (where we wish we had said or done more) further teach us that time shared between friends and family matters and are precious. Also, wasting time, being angry, holding grudges, and withholding love only further isolates us personally in our friendships and from our family.

Everyday we can choose to keep relationships (the people whom we say we care about ) as a top priority. Creating new memories with friends and family helps us to better sustain relationships and also allows us to keep establishing (remembering) the feelings of love we have for one another.

Life is too short to not make the most of the opportunities we are given to love one another including our friends and family. Love is the bond that makes our relationships even more precious.

When life is difficult sometimes we need additional support. Our self-guided course books are designed to allow individuals and couples to keep moving toward a "right place" in life and in relationships.. Loving Yourself, Loving Others, and Reconciling Through Love are available for purchase. As well as the book Love Forever.

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