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  • Bretta Durham

There Is No Place Like Home

Our longing to feel at home and/or return to home is part of a deep desire inside each of us to feel as if we belong.

Home in so many ways is where our mind, body, and spirit feels whole.

A home is not necessarily just a building we live in. The feeling of being “at home” can be brought on when we are in a place that; brings us comfort, provides us with protection, and gives us a sense of belonging.

“The road of life” can sometimes be difficult. We may also wander away from “home”. Our decisions and our priorities can can take us far from a feeling of home. When life gets out of balance relationships can suffer.

People will also, at times, fail to meet our expectations. How we respond (positive/negative) affects our own ability to reconcile those relationships and in essence “feel at home with others time and again.”

What home looks like, and feelings of being at home, can be different for everyone. Feeling at home is sometimes even tied to just being with a person or people.

Friends and family definitely play a part in our ability to feel at home. Relationships are key to helping us feel as if we have a place to call


People are truly what matter in life, way more than houses we buy or things we obtain. We can fill our lives and homes with love as we experience life together and create memories with one another.

There is “no place like home” as the saying goes. Home truly is where our heart lives.

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