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  • Bretta Durham

Together, We Are Better

Unexpected storms in life and natural disasters bring people together. More hands and hearts help us to better weather life difficulties.

The phrase, “we are all in this together” is one way we can encourage one another. By expressing this statement we imply that no one unnecessarily needs to be or feel alone. What that phrase can also mean at its most basic level is that our connections to and with one another are far reaching.

Our commitment to “care for” and “be concerned about” should first and foremost be for people. Things are important, people are even more valuable.

The commitment we make toward the care of and concern about others also influences the strength and reliability of relationships.

We all need someone at different points and times throughout life. We especially need friends. Friends are people who encourage and challenge us they invest in our well-being. Friendships are not always equal but by nature should be reciprocal. A saying that holds lots of truth is, “to have a friend you must also be a friend”.

Friendships give us a sense of feeling connected, as a friend shares life with us.

A good friend truly cares (in many different ways) at all times. Friends care not just when it’s convenient but as needs are recognized.

Friends can also sometimes fail us. Feelings of happiness are often times tied to expectations. If our relational expectations are not met, we may not feel happy. A feeling of unhappiness doesn’t need to be the beginning of the end. Feelings can and do change, as do our friendships when we remain committed to one another.

Love your neighbor as yourself starts with each one of us. It’s ok to ask ourselves what we need today (self-care), it’s even more important to be aware, have concern for, and care for each other.

The song from the 80's ‘We are the World’ shares many truths and phrases that talk about our ability to make choices that improve all our lives including…”it’s true, we make a brighter day just YOU and ME…”Together we truly can make things better.

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