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  • Bretta Durham

Turning Points in Relationships and Life

There can always be a “new” point of beginning where we can go a different direction in life and in relationships. Making the choice to do so is sometimes the most difficult part.

It is not a weakness when we ask for help while struggling at different points and times with relationships and in life. It can actually be a sign of inner wisdom and strength when we acknowledge we need help. This type of help sometimes needs to come on a personal level.

I’m not talking about reading another blog or book, I’m talking about seeking sage advice from trusted individuals or professionals in the field and areas where help is needed.

People with whom we have established relationships with and who genuinely want the best for us are often our closest allies in times of need. These people are the ones who are not afraid to speak truth to us even during the most difficult times.

A new direction does not always mean a complete change of course. A new direction can sometimes mean holding to a steadfastness in our personal attitudes and actions. In some instances waiting helps produce a desired outcome. Holding strong personally during hardships is part of how we can persevere in our relationships and in life.

On the other hand moving toward a new direction may require us to take a more active roll. What that role is should be given careful consideration. Considering our priorities and deciding what is important to us may help us move toward the right future for us individually.

If we know the good we ought to do (the best change for us personally) we need to take the next steps in faith to make those changes happen.

Once we make a decision about a new direction in life or about a relationships communicating those decisions should be a priority. Accountability is a good thing. Someone to walk beside us and support us throughout the process of change provides additional support.

One of the future benefits of obstacles, in relationships and life, we face and conquer is the history we further establish about ourselves and our personal abilities. When failure and future disappointments happen we can draw on the what we know to be true about ourselves and our capabilities even in the midst of strong doubts and trials.

Waiting for others responses regarding changes in personal relationships and life decisions can even be harder. We can only make decisions for and control ourselves.

In the middle of waiting (holding steadfast) for change it may seem easier to run or give up. Time and patience are often needed before permanent solutions (change) can take hold. Often there is something greater than just us and our influence at work in not only our life but also in our relationships.

The future is extremely hard to envision in the midst of the storms in life. Looking for openings where we can walk toward a different future and better relationships starts with a recognizing a turning point. What those points will be is different for everyone.

Taking chances, growing individually, supporting and impacting others, and living life to the fullest involves embracing turning points. These turning points may just be moments that change our lives instantly but can also impact our relationships and life long term.

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