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  • Bretta Durham

Why Encourage Others?

Most of us realize we need encouragement. Giving encouragement also matters.

Encouraging words allow others to feel expressed care. Encouraging words recognize the “good”.

Though we understand and can look for the good in others, sometimes we fail to recognize the importance of communicating our thoughts.

Encouraging words can change lives because they touch the heart. (Impact us on an emotional level)

We are all internally wired different. We each determine our own personal/core values, have different personalities, and develop character traits.

  • Personal/Core values are “theoretical” ideas that further define thoughts about things we believe or don’t believe are of importance.

  • Personality traits are related to how we socially, emotionally and even physically (response behaviors) respond to and interact with others and in situations.

  • Character traits could be described as (internally)" who we are when no one in looking". They are also based on our personality, morals, ethics, and beliefs.

Our personal core values continue to be part of our moral compass that help us navigate life. Sharing personal values we have can inspire others, as our internal beliefs make up and represent the “best” of us.

Personalities vary greatly; sweet, sassy, strong, mild, methodical, free-spirit, reserved. Our personalities are who we are. The good in each of our personalities strengthen as others accept and build us up.

Character traits are something we can model and in essence are how we can set an example for others to see and follow. Character traits are shown through our words and actions.

As we, intentionally and unintentionally, impact others we need to realize how we act and react sets an example. What we value about one another, see and admire, and even things we know to be true need to be spoken through words of appreciation. Not just once but sometimes time and again.

We can be a light in someone else’s life. Our words shine brighter as we encourage better.

We may also inspire each other to be our "best" as we keep encouraging one another; in a moment, over time, even throughout a lifetime.


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