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Windows of Life...looking beyond the glass

Looking at relationships

How we see one another is a viewpoint that can build others up or tear others down. Also, how we choose to treat one another matters. We always have an opportunity to be kind. Kindness changes people and relationships.

As we go through life it’s important to remember to look for the good in others and encourage people. The phrase, “We are only as good as the weakest person in our circle of friends and family”, should remind us that impacting others also matter. Our influence can touch individuals, families, and communities in a positive way as we determine to build others up one encounter at a time.

We are also given the opportunity to cherish friends and family. We do not get a “second opportunity to make new old friends”. People who live life with us long term and love us should matter to us. They should be treasured not just when we need something but throughout our lifetime as we see and understand that long term relationships have a priceless value.

Looking into our personal life

Getting stuck in life happens as we become complacent. If we don’t challenge ourselves to be a better view of who we were yesterday we may not ever become the best that we can be.

Life changes and so do we. As years pass our view of what is best for us may change to an attitude of what is best for everyone. Why? Over time we learn the value of sharing and making life better together.

Learning to value ourselves and the gifts we have been given enables us to give generously and impact intentionally.

We can also be content without being complacent as we learn to look at our lives from an outside in perspective. Seeing our blessings and remaining thankful is part of realizing just how “good” each of our individual lives are. No one can live our life and it is our responsibility to make the best of the days, years, and opportunities we are each given.

Looking beyond the past

Too many of us waste too much time focusing on, the “what if’s” and “used to be”, a past we can’t change. Facing life “forward” and living in the present sometimes requires us to learn to not hold the past against ourselves.

Our past does not have to define or determine our future. As we mature throughout life we continue to learn that it’s impossible to reach the “perfect life”.

We each have a “long way to go”. In essence; a lifetime of learning to say no to some good things so that we can say yes to the greatest things. Always careful to not get wrapped up in “one” thing in life so much that it keeps us from reaching toward the best that life may still have to offer.

Looking toward and seeing the future

Pressing toward the mark of the “next best for us” requires us sometimes to live life against the grain of perceived normal and keep our eyes on the long term goals.

Making peace daily, prioritizing the important often, and valuing opportunities all play a part in the planning of the future.

If we fail to plan we are in essence setting ourselves up to plan to fail. Plans do sometimes fail but if we keep making the next plans we have something that helps keep us on track toward a new future. In other words, we can plan for the next year but then focus on one day at a time making adjustments as necessary. Joy can be found in the trying and arriving at the next thing in each of our lives one decision and step at a time.

The message in each of our windows of life remind us of moments, days, and even years yet to come. Tomorrow is full of hope and promises. Today is the new opportunity. Happy New Year.

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